Short Description: 
by President Ann Morrow

I have heard more than one person complain this year that they had to skip a ride they were interested in doing because they had another ride to do.  Such dilemmas:  choices to make; mild regrets that one ride is being missed in favor of another.  What fantastic problems to have!  Our ride leaders have really been going to a lot of effort to map out new routes and lead us to new places. 

All that effort has made 2012’s summer a great one for those of us who enjoy perusing our Rider’s Digest or on line calendar to choose our rides.  As a “weekend warrior” I know I look forward to my weekend of riding that way.  We have also had some great multi-day offerings that took us out of the metro area.  Thank you to all the ride leaders who put forth effort for the club.  I think it’s very impressive that we list our rides monthly and those rides take place, regardless of weather or other factors, with very rare exception.  Our rides are a serious commitment by PWTC as a club and by each individual ride leader and not taken lightly.  Thank you all for that as well.  I think it’s important that our word means something.  Our Rider’s Digest is like a menu in a restaurant.  We find enticing offerings we have enjoyed before or something new and different that piques our interest.  And, thanks to our devoted ride leaders, we never hear, “oh, sorry, we are out of that ride today.”  No, if it’s on the “menu” you can be confident that ride will be there, as advertised.  Not bad for a bunch of volunteers. As President, I am very proud of that fact.

According to our Constitution and By-Laws our “aim” or mission statement or objective is, in part, “to encourage and facilitate touring, rides, cycle outings and all forms of recreational cycling activities.”  I think 2012 has been a year of meeting that aim. Your board will continue to strive to adhere to the aim set before them and improve on the club within that objective.

I would like to make an appeal at this time to those of you who live on the west side of the Portland Metro area, in the Beaverton/Washington County area, to join in and expand on our west side offerings.  I think our style of riding, our inclusiveness and our socialization are of value and I would like to see us more broadly represented on the west side.  The cooler riding season that we are entering is ideal to venture into the world of leading rides.  The rides can be shorter and more compact.  Find a good bakery/coffee shop and branch out from there.  Many new members and prospective new members are interested in staying on the west side to ride rather than trekking into Portland for each ride.  Please give it some thought.  Just a small commitment by a few members will increase our west side presence.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.