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by President Ann Morrow

The year is coming to a close and there is plenty of buzzing about what rides might be in the offing for 2013.  For example, we had such a great time in Central Oregon in September I will run that weekend again next year.  I hope you will join me.  That darn climb up Mt. Bachelor is a real slog (12 miles from Elk Lake to Mt. Bachelor) but the magnificence of the Cascades and the awesome downhill overcome the pain.  The new Scenic Bikeway was beautiful and a great contrast from the scenery the previous two days. 

What will Bud Rice trot out for 2013?  I believe that if he announced he was going to the International Space Station and doing rides from there we would fight to gain a spot on the list and ask questions later. [What do you mean my share is $25,000,000? Can’t you get a group rate?]  Cycle Pakistan?  Well, gee, if Bud has some routes figured out then sure, I’m in! Bud wouldn’t lead us astray.  Would he?

And of course, our own PIONEER CENTURY on June 1 is a goal to set out for yourself.

How can your club help you achieve your ambition of riding stronger and farther? Whatever the summer of 2013 holds for you, we will have rides all winter to keep us at least somewhat in shape.  We’ll be ready for whatever riding we choose come spring and summer.  I think that’s always the objective: to be able to participate in the rides I want to do at some level of confidence and comfort.

In the meantime we can also live vicariously through some of our club meeting programs. We have Heidi Swift joining us in November and she is a great story teller and presumably has a great tale to share after her July on the Tour route.  In December we will have our annual swap meet so start gathering that wonderful stuff you have laying around to sell or swap or give.  Additionally, our own Jim Moore will present his great new book 75 Classic Rides, Oregon that evening.  You can start plotting your summer of riding with the beautiful photographs and descriptive text that will draw you right in. It would make a terrific gift as well.

We owe Dick Weber a big Thank You for lining up monthly programs.  We have had a nice mix of local celebrities and club members share their experiences with us this past year and been equally entertained.  Thanks again, Dick. It can be a tough, if not impossible, job keeping us all happy. What with all those miles you’re accruing I don’t know how you find the time.